makeup by Rebecca O'Brien

Another post from my makeup shoot with my sister last week. This dress somehow feels like something a fairy would wear- it's so whimsical.

I hope everyone is well.

alice and olivia dress


Design: What's Your Type?

I wanted to show you guys a piece from my design portfolio that I am putting together. This is a poster for a mock design exhibition hosting by the Powerhouse that we made as part of an assignment.

Slowly but surely getting enough skills to make professional looking pieces, which is exciting. The poster is supposed to be for an exhibition called 'What's your Type?" and i have obviously carried that inspiration through the poster in the 'keys'. Hope you like it.

Grace xx

something blue

Makeup by Rebecca O'Brien

Long time no post, right? I did this awesome shoot with my sister recently who is an emerging makeup artist. Lucky me, I got to try my hand at modelling!

I think the pictures turned out really well, and I have a few more posts coming up from this shoot.

Let me know what you think.

Grace x

parker dress | tony bianco heels | house of harlow sunglasses


elie saab couture || spring 2013

 photo eliesaab_zps890f34e6.png

 photo eliesaab2_zpsb4eb3979.png

Images from New York Times

Rarely is a collection so beautiful it can inspire me out of my blogging slump. That was, until I found this year's Elie Saab Couture collection.

I knew I loved this the second I saw Blair Waldorf walking down the aisle in this amazing dress in the season finale of Gossip Girl. However, the beautiful dress she wore was only one of the many amazing pieces that Mr Saab is offering up in the Spring 2013 collection.

While I have only shown a few pieces here, the whole collection is a plethora of ethereal glamour, with every single piece a stand out, glittering from head to toe. I have personally found about ten thousand wedding dresses in this collection, but alas, I think I may be missing the salary to afford it - not to mention the groom.

Such an array of colours from Elie Saab excites me, and particularly a departure from the more traditional feminine colours he often plays with, into deeper and darker black, blue and even red.

Couture at it's very finest.

Unrelated, I have also given my blog a bit of a re-vamp in the hope of getting some posts up on here some time soon. Amazingly, in my absence I am still being asked to work with brands/PR's and I thought it might be a bit of fun to just blog on my own terms.

So I will be popping in every so often. For anyone wondering what I am up to, I am just about to finish my Journalism degree this semester, however I still have until OCtober 2014 to finish my graphic design diploma, so I will be studying for a little while longer. I have been designing the crap out of things lately. Lots of fandom (nerd) related things on Tumblr and of course my blog (I made the flowers) and some illustrations. I have been trying to brush up on my drawing which is both liberating and frustrating. My whole family can draw so I think I must have it in me somewhere, but I just never got to it.

I might post some of my work on here relatively soon as well :) I am also looking for some new blogs to follow so if you are a blog I might not know about can you please link your blog to me, I would love to read it.

Grace x


Five signs you're a 'bad' shopper

Don’t look at the word ‘bad’ in the title and go hide under your bed, I don’t mean NOT ADEPT at. Mark my words, in the blogosphere, we are all excellent at shopping. Whether it be op-shopping, designer shopping or plain old window shopping, we all seem to be extremely efficient at spending our money on a plethora of (admittedly, sometimes unless) goods.

But some people are so good at shopping that they are bad. Here are some tips to see if you’re one of these unfortunate few:

You have more than five items in your closet with tags on
Now I am guilty of this at the moment because working at Dotti I have bought loads of their clothes that I haven’t worn to work yet, particular because they are quite summer-y. So I am excusing myself, and you too if you have hoards of tagged clothes for this reason. But if you DON’T work in fashion retail and you have in excess of five tagged items in your closet you should take a long hard ‘Should I have bought this?” look at yourself.

You have a million and one ‘impulse buys’.
Now I’m not talking about the shoes that you just had to have or the T2 tea that tasted just delicious in store. I’m talking about all the little things that go along with it. You know, all those little ‘handy’ things they sell at the counter? ‘Did you want to grab a honey dripper with your tea?” the sales assistant will ask. At some clothing stores –not mentioning any names- they sell scarves for ‘just five dollars’ behind the counter and they HAVE to ask to sell you one. It’s basically retail’s way of maximising the amount of money they receive from you. But trust me, you will NEVER use any of it. Say no, grab your jeans from the counter and leave (after paying, of course). Your bank account will thank you.


Your savings card is gathering dust
Speaking of bank accounts, how is yours going? Chances are if you’re a ‘bad’ shopper, you won’t have glanced at your Netbank for months, preferring to just ‘think about it later’ and by that I mean, putting fashion and beauty items on your credit card. For one, I actually enjoy my credit card because I look at it as a lay-by where I actually have the item. However, just like a lay-by, you have to pay it off, and the banks are making money by counting on the fact that you won’t.
I have never accumulated a cent of interest on my credit card, because every time I do put something on there, I remind myself that it is NOT ‘free money’ and that I do have to pay it off. The trap that many bad shoppers fall into is that they put little things like foundation and gym clothes and Italian food on their credit card. Unfortunately they soon forget about these items, and it quickly accumulates into such a large amount where you have all this debt but not even anything amazing to show for it.

You look like the mannequin
The mannequins out the front of the store are meant to INSPIRE yes, but this does not mean you have to buy the entire outfit to look like the Sportsgirl visual merchandising team dressed you. Good shoppers can look at one amazing piece and think of how to incorporate it into their already bursting-at-the-seams wardrobe.

You only ever buy full price items
I have heard many people claim that they only ever buy sale items, and I’m not necessarily saying that is the way to go either. There needs to be a healthy balance between sale and full priced items. Bad shoppers often fall into the trap of ‘needing to have it right away’, which more often than not is the most expensive way of shopping. When I really want something –for example- from David Jones, I first make sure that it is not available online or overseas for less. I, for one, would never buy an Equipment blouse from DJ’s because I know Shopbop sell them quite a bit cheaper and have newer styles. Basically, everything within a department store or even a boutique will go on sale at the end of season, and most stores still even have an adequate size range. If you are willing to wait a couple of months you could still have the amazing item you lust for, but at a much better price. If you’re not willing to wait, you better make sure the cost per wear ratio on the item is very low before it hits the sale otherwise you will be hating yourself.

What do you think? Do you identify with some of these signs? What kind of shopper are you?